Lavender & Red helium balloon backdrop


🎈 Helium Balloon Photozone Backdrop:
• 2 pcs. Giant Star foil balloons, 32″/81cm, color: lavender
• 7 pcs. Star foil balloons, 18″/45cm, color: rose gold, red
• 6 pcs. Round foil balloons, 18″/45cm, color: lavender, red
• 2 pcs. Orbz balloons, 21″/53cm, color: lavender
• 17 pcs. Pink strips
• 17 pcs. Weights
💝 Balloons are delivered inflated-helium, ribboned.
🛡️ Flight Guarantee: 12 hours. We do change the goods immediately if your balloons are sink.
🔥Inflate emotions: Create the ultimate party atmosphere with our Ceiling Helium Balloons

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